IrfanPaint released

The new stable release features some big changes in the code and minor bugfixes; I'm sorry that it took so much time :-P .


By the way, the full packet of this version of IrfanPaint includes the last (at this moment) IrfanView version (4.25), and not some outdated beta version as the previous one; in the download section below the reference to IV 4.22 is to point out that it is the minimum supported IV version.

This release is intended to be a bridge between the current IrfanPaint minor version (4) to the new one (5); many changes to the main classes in the code have been made, and a major restructuring of the code is undergoing. Anyhow don't expect to see the new release very soon, at the moment I'm not actively working on it, I'm busy with other projects.


Tip: if you are updating IrfanPaint on an existing installation, you should use the dll only packet (unless you have an IV version that is too old; read more about it here).

Remember to update also the language file, otherwise you may encounter some untransated/wrong strings in the interface of the plugin.

Dll only packet

The "dll only" packets contain only Paint.dll, the IrfanPaint dll. You can download this if you already have the right version of IrfanView (4.22) or a more updated one; put the dll in the Plugins folder.

Click here to start the download.

Full packet

The full packets contain a minimal installation of IrfanView with the IrfanPaint plugin. The full packet is needed if you have an IrfanView version before the 4.22.

If you have a more updated version of IrfanView (you can get the last official one from the IrfanView official site), keep it and download the dll only packet; use the full packet only if you experience problems with this version of IrfanPaint and your IV installation.

Click here to start the download.


The following translations are available:

Translations template

Click here to download the translations template file.

For more information about translating IrfanPaint, please go to the Translate page.

Posted by Matteo Italia on Sat, 5 Sep 2009
tags: release, stablerelease, releasenotes.


Ciao, complimenti per lo splendido plug-in. In una interfaccia ottimamente compattata ci sono tutti gli strumenti di base per la modifica/creazione di icone grafiche. L'unica cosa che sarebbe utile è di permettere la selezione di un colore arbitrario nelle gif (cioè non presente nella palette dell'immagine attualmente aperta). Magari si potrebbe mostrare in qualche modo la finestra di dialogo di sistema per la scelta di un colore RGB. Ancora complimenti!

— TheStylist Fri, 4 Dec 2009 - permalink

Ci ho pensato in passato, ma sono giunto alla conclusione che effettivamente sia più semplice sia per l'utente che per me fare in modo che si possano scegliere solo colori della palette, così da evitare di modificare la palette e la profondità di colore dell'immagine senza che l'utente se ne accorga.

Se sono necessari tutti i colori l'utente può sempre aumentare la profondità di colore con l'apposita funzione di IrfanView.



Matteo Italia Sat, 5 Dec 2009 - permalink

I am a novice computer person but I'm learning so much from your Irfan program Thanks

— Thomas Posten RN Mon, 29 Mar 2010 - permalink

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