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IrfanPaint released

The new IrfanPaint release includes the following changes:

  • straighten tool now uses IP's BG color as BG color for the rotation;
  • fixed a bug in the clean-up process that caused the saving of a wrong "exhaustive tooltips" button state;
  • fixed the "undesidered tooltips show" bug;
  • fixed an error in the color pane drawing routine;
  • fixed a bug in the "advanced eraser" tool (FG pen settings used instead of BG ones);
  • partially fixed the "ghost cursor" bug.

The last three fixes haven't been included in the IrfanPaint version bundled with IV 4.10 (see above).

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Posted by Matteo Italia on Tue, 16 Oct 2007
tags: release , stablerelease , releasenotes .