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IrfanPaint released

The new IrfanPaint stable release includes the following changes:

  • changed icon;
  • fixed a bug in the text tool (only in the previous version the ANSI richedit control was used, so it was impossible to insert non-ANSI characters in the images);
  • now also the hatch color is adjusted to the palette of the image;
  • removed string with ID 5101 ("This plug-in doesn't work on Windows 95, 98 and ME."), that now is hardcoded; this because my string-loading class (which includes the support for language files) works with unicode APIs, which do not work on Windows 9x/ME (and that string is displayed only on those OSes);
  • other minor changes to the code.

This should be the version of IrfanPaint that will be shipped with IrfanView 4.20, that will be released soon.

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Posted by Matteo Italia on Thu, 19 Jun 2008
tags: release , stablerelease , releasenotes .