Important notice for IrfanView 4.22 and 4.23

The last IrfanView versions (4.22 and 4.23) have been released by mistake with the β0.4.12.66 version of IrfanPaint. Anyway, even if it's a beta, it has proven to be quite stable; its only known bug is that the "Edit measurement unit" is not localized correctly: the title is "stolen" from the "Measurement units" dialog, the other controls remain untranslated and the "Cancel" button is always localized in Italian (it shows "Annulla").

I'm sorry to make you wait for the next version, but I've been very busy with school, and many changes I made to IrfanPaint are in the internal structure of the plugin, so they must be tested extensively before releasing a new version. In the next version I'm planning to introduce the concept of "objects", i.e. text, lines and shapes that are editable after being put on the image.

Posted by Matteo Italia on Tue, 27 Jan 2009
tags: important, notice, IV4.22, IV4.23.