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IrfanPaint released

The new stable release features some big changes in the code and minor bugfixes; I'm sorry that it took so much time :-P .


  • DibSection class almost rewritten;
  • message cracker macros used in almost all the code;
  • almost all "normal" pointers replaced by smart pointers;
  • different exception handling policy (the Retry and Ignore options have been removed, they proved to be dangerous);
  • new generic text mappings functions used;
  • more precise zoom value obtained from IV (float instead of int);
  • fixed the "offscreen toolbar" bug;
  • fixed the bug in the localization of the Edit measurement unit dialog;
  • ... other changes that at the moment I don't remember :-D .

By the way, the full packet of this version of IrfanPaint includes the last (at this moment) IrfanView version (4.25), and not some outdated beta version as the previous one; in the download section below the reference to IV 4.22 is to point out that it is the minimum supported IV version.

This release is intended to be a bridge between the current IrfanPaint minor version (4) to the new one (5); many changes to the main classes in the code have been made, and a major restructuring of the code is undergoing. Anyhow don't expect to see the new release very soon, at the moment I'm not actively working on it, I'm busy with other projects.

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Posted by Matteo Italia on Sat, 5 Sep 2009
tags: release , stablerelease , releasenotes .