IrfanPaint released

This release fixes a bug in the previous one which made selections not working correctly with the current IV version.

It also includes some hacks to make IrfanPaint work better with the new IV selections handling.

Note: it's strongly advised to update from .67 and .69 to this release, since the former includes a serious memory leak bug, and the latter makes working with selections almost impossible.


Tip: if you are updating IrfanPaint on an existing installation, you should use the dll only packet (unless you have an IV version that is too old; read more about it here).

Remember to update also the language file, otherwise you may encounter some untransated/wrong strings in the interface of the plugin.

Dll only packet

The "dll only" packets contain only Paint.dll, the IrfanPaint dll. You can download this if you already have the right version of IrfanView (4.27) or a more updated one; put the dll in the Plugins folder.

Click here to start the download.

Full packet

The full packets contain a minimal installation of IrfanView with the IrfanPaint plugin. The full packet is needed if you have an IrfanView version before the 4.27.

If you have a more updated version of IrfanView (you can get the last official one from the IrfanView official site), keep it and download the dll only packet; use the full packet only if you experience problems with this version of IrfanPaint and your IV installation.

Click here to start the download.


The following translations are available:

Translations template

Click here to download the translations template file.

For more information about translating IrfanPaint, please go to the Translate page.

Posted by Matteo Italia on Fri, 30 Jul 2010
tags: release, stablerelease, releasenotes.